Proposals for a better social security system – October 2020

In 2019, many NAWRA members kindly contributed to a ‘Call for Solutions’ made by the Commission on Social Security. The Commission is a project to identify a better social security/benefits system. The Commissioners are Experts by Experience i.e. people with lived experience of the benefits system.

The Commission has now published its initial proposals for consultation. Key ideas include replacing Universal Credit with a Guaranteed Decent Income, raising Child Benefit to £50 per child per week and a new approach to Disability Benefit.

This special session explained the background to the Commission on Social Security project and introduced the proposals and public consultation. The attendees then went into breakout rooms for small group discussion of the proposals followed by a plenary feedback session.

The session was led by Daphne Hall, with Michael Orton who is Secretary to the Commission, plus some of the Expert by Experience Commissioners.

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