Who Benefits?

NAWRA is proud to offer its support to the ‘Who Benefits?’ campaign.

Around 90 organisations, including Carers UK, MIND, Macmillan, the Children’s Society, rightsnet, Disability Rights UK, Shelter, Scope, CPAG and NAWRA, have joined forces to launch the ‘Who Benefits?’ campaign. It aims to focus public attention on the positive aspects of the welfare state and to counter the negative press that claimants have been receiving.

We all need support sometimes. Yet too often those who have been helped by benefits get ignored, misrepresented or at worst blamed for their situation.

But if the millions of us who have needed benefits share our stories – and those who haven’t express their support – then together we can change the debate.

Visit whobenefits.org.uk to share your experiences, offer your support and read how others have received essential help from the welfare state.