Test case referrals

Referrals to CPAG

Child Poverty Action Group is always looking to take on a limited number of test cases each year. They are currently particularly keen to focus on the following issues –

  •   benefit delays
  •   local welfare provision
  •   inappropriate work-related activity
  •   judicial review in the upper tribunal

More information

Challenging inappropriate work-related activity

On this point, Tom Royston of Garden Court North Chambers has drawn up a paper on the sort of cases that would be good to challenge. He is really interested to hear about cases where someone has been sent for inappropriate work-related activity when the DWP holds evidence that it clearly would be inappropriate (eg from the points awarded in the ESA85 or from other medical evidence that has been sent into them). This is happening a lot as medical information is not sent through to the work provider and Tom is keen to challenge this as public law error.

Although referral would have to be via a solicitor Tom is happy to discuss any potential case and his email is on the attached document.

Please do get in touch with Tom about any possible cases. A successful challenge would benefit all our clients.