Meeting in Stoke-on-Trent 6 Mar 2015

Our next meeting will take place on Friday 6 March at the University of Staffordshire, Stoke-on-Trent.

Our guest speakers will be Andrew Hood from the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Jackie Cox from Church Action on Poverty.  Andrew will present his research on social security spending under the current coalition government and beyond.  Jackie will tell us about “The Real Benefits Street” a project giving voice to benefit claimants and dispelling media myths.

There will be workshops on students and welfare,  ESA caselaw developments around mobilising, mandatory reconsideration, and universal credit. It will also be an opportunity to find out about the courses offered by Staffordshire University.

The meeting will also act as NAWRA’s AGM.

The full agenda for the day is available now.

The meeting is free, but only NAWRA members may attend.  Contact Kelly to find out about joining NAWRA.

Evidence needed for social policy research

Mary O’Hara (social policy journalist and author of Austerity Bites) is looking for evidence to support her new project and is interested in hearing from claimants and advisers about the current difficulties/realities.  She is especially interested in:

  • Bedroom tax/housing and homelessness
  • Welfare changes/freezes/cuts to benefits
  • Food banks and poverty
  • Stress/mental health impact of cuts
  • Impact on women/children/single parents/disabled people
  • Local government cuts: social care/crisis loans etc..
  • Regional impact

She would appreciate our help with this and would love to hear from you about your experiences and also from any clients who would be willing to tell her their story.  She would welcome any documents/case studies/reports that you have.  Please email


Sanctions – can you help?

NAWRA understands that ITV news are planning another feature about sanctions very shortly.

If NAWRA members have any clients who have been unfairly sanctioned, and who could either be interviewed or be used as part of anonymised case studies, please contact Penny Marshall on 0207 430 4541 or 07876 313 533 asap.

Thanks. And happy new year.

Durham, 12 December 2014

Only a couple of days to go until our conference in Durham.

Just a quick reminder that we have The Right Reverend Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham, as our honoured guest. We are very proud to have secured such a high profile speaker to give our first annual Phil Hanns Memorial Lecture.

In a week where the Church has criticised benefit sanctions and other delays as key contributors to UK poverty, it is timely that we have the Rt Rev Butler as our guest. We are sure that you will all welcome him to NAWRA.

The full agenda along with details of social events can be found on the meetings page